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School Hydroponics Grow Rack - STEM Education

School Hydroponics Grow Rack - STEM Education

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5 Tier - 4 Tray

Product arrives fully assembled and ready to run!

All you have to do is plug it in and add water. All Racks are pressure tested before shipping to ensure you have no leaks or assembly that other systems require!

The footprint is approximately 48"W x 30"D x 76"H 

Each Tray Fits up to or a combination of: 

- 30 student microgreen trays 

- 5 1020 Mesh Bottom trays 

- 60 student 6-cell trays 

(Perfect for assigning one growing level per class period)

This size rack is ideal for 5th-12th graders for ease of access, grow space for each student, and production capabilities!

      Our classroom hydroponic systems are fully automated grow racks that grow microgreens plus fruits and vegetables from a 3 or 4 level rack with embedded LED lighting system and energy efficient fan arrays for optimum production and minimal energy use. The Customized spectrum of the LED array is specific to the ideal ranges for edible plants.

     The self-watering system is automatic. Simply maintain the amount of water stored in the tank and the system grows itself. Our timed lighting cycles and watering cycles are ideal for the trays of specific microgreens we include and are customized to your schools’ goals along with PD and program support. Our prescribed projects and methods are from both professional educators and commercial growers.

    Everything you need to operate this fun STEM Production Lab is included in our School Hydroponic grow rack system. Including Trays, Seeds, Growing Media, Domes, Fans, Basins, pumps, timers and more!


       Our automated grow racks have high output and fit neatly in classrooms, libraries, office spaces or open spaces. This tiered system, combined with our programming, converts any open space into a learning lab. They grow plentiful microgreens or vegetables which are perfect for experiments, culinary programs, agricultural and entrepreneurial education, STEM engagement, After School Programs, and more.

If you buy 3, or more we offer an automatic price reduction! 

Try our full School Hydroponic Systems package for a bundle of 10 racks and great savings!

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