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GrowBag Garden Lab - Pollinator

GrowBag Garden Lab - Pollinator

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Each of our Grow Bag Gift kits is designed to help you grow a tiny self contained garden. From pesto to salsa, home grown teas to pollinator havens. Because Grow Bags can be easily moved you can give your plants a head start by growing entirely indoors or moving inside each night to protect from frost.

Get one GrowBag Garden Lab and order replenish kits of others to try all four GrowBag Gardens!


Have you wanted a garden for your class but it seems impossible to make work between changing classrooms each year, winter seasons, or just limited outdoor access? FTF GrowBag Labs are the perfect solution for bringing life science alive in the classroom! Easily take your GrowBag Garden Lab with you next year with its self contained, handle built right in, lightweight design! This program works indoors under a grow light or with access to a sunny window! Different theme options allow for different plants to be grown.

How it works:

Add color and life to your classroom or home with this themed GrowBag Lab. Once purchased, you’re automatically enrolled in the customized course for step-by-step instructions on growing your own Pollinator garden! All equipment, soil & seeds needed for the duration of the program are included. No other purchasing is required.

Subscription Details / LMS Access: 

LMS access is provided to the instructor for a 4 month period. All lesson plans are available for the duration of the 4 months. If you need replenishment, and/or access after the initial 4 months, please purchase the REPLENISH kit.


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