What Schools are Saying: Bryant Park Elementary School

What Schools are Saying: Bryant Park Elementary School

I cannot help but keep thinking how we are so uniquely fortunate to have an awesome school garden program.  We have a self-contained garden that basically needs watering.  We don’t have to pull weeds, dig, or hoe in the garden as in most.  Additionally, we do not have to try and find solutions to problematic plants and decide among which cold/warm weather plants to utilize.  Instead, we have a 24-hour hotline [for] assistance/support to help with planting, plants, questions, and any problems with plants.  For these reasons, I have relied 100% on [Farming the Future] and these resources (and not my garden ideas).

With our continuous reliance on and utilization of these resources at hand, we are in for a successful year!!  I have no doubt that we can have one of the best gardens around.

Annette Walker
Bryant Elementary School
Jefferson County Schools, Alabama

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