Tallahassee Students Finally Taste Harvest from School Garden

Tallahassee Students Finally Taste Harvest from School Garden

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - Local students finally got a chance to sample their hard work, but instead of tasting the fruits of their labor, they got to taste their homegrown vegetables.The Ghazvini Success Academy teamed up with Farming the Future to build a school garden where students grew black eyed peas that they were able to sample for lunch on Tuesday.
The "Garden to Cafeteria" program was created to give students access to better nutrition because those students with better nutrition are proven to perform better in academics.
The school also said that the program allows kids to engage in STEM careers and agriculture.

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"Good Tuesday evening everyone. I'm Paulo Salazar. Gaspini Success Academy teamed up with the Farming the Future to build a school garden from there. They rolled out the garden to cafeteria program which mimics the farm to table concept. The program shows students with access to better nutrition are proven to better perform in schools. Now it also allows kids to engage in STEM and agriculture.
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