Godby High School Utilizes Farming the Future for Aquaponic Education

It's a joy to me to see a lot of these kids just go out there and start putting things together and learning how to solve a problem all by themselves and once they learn that they can solve problems just by their own brainpower and there's nothing they can't accomplish.
I had applied for a grant for Envision and it gave me an opportunity to build an aquaponics program and it was just a fabulous opportunity for us to buy the thing we really need because a lot of these technologies just require funds.
I saw aquaponics as an opportunity because this was sort of a urban survival technique where people can grow food they can grow fish to eat.
Also it's a problem-solving. Anything, a lot of the things, that really helped the students was making sure that they saw a problem and then figured out by themselves how to solve it.
That's the cool thing about it was I never would have thought I've been actually working with aquaponics or do anything water or fish
like that. I'm the type of person where I want to be hands-on Dean and actually with other funders you're able to use your hands and be able to see what you think what's the best way of sizing the
There's so many of these kids. They don't have the same opportunities because they just don't have the resources sometimes and envision by giving them the resources to do things that other schools can do that gives them the same opportunity and an abilityto excel in an area they maybe never excel in it.
Thank you for investing in my students!


Want to learn more about fundraising for your own aquaponic garden? Click on this link for more information about how we can help you.

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