FTF Podcasts We Love: Physical Science (Grades 6-8), Chemistry, & Agriculture

FTF Podcasts We Love: Physical Science (Grades 6-8), Chemistry, & Agriculture

STEM Podcasts with Worksheets that We Match with NGSS Standards!

Today at Farming the Future, we want to share a physical science worksheet for grades 6-8.  Today, we want to feature the Future of Agriculture's Podcast "Electrified and Distributed Fertilizer Production with Nico Pinkowski."


NGSS Standard Match - Physical Science (6-8):

MS-PS1-2. Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.

MS-PS1-3. Gather and make sense of information to describe that synthetic materials come from natural resources and impact society.

MS-PS2-3. Ask questions about data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.

About Nico Pinkowski and Nitricity

Nitricity is a fertilizer production company that is working to minimize the use of coal and natural gas to produce more localized fertilizer. According to Nitrcity, “fertilizer distribution is a hazardous and expensive process involving substantial storage and transportation infrastructure,” making it more expensive for farmers to choices for their agricultural supply.

What We Love About Nitricity for the Classroom

Nitricity shows students that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can be applied for a number of things in life, both in and out of the lab. Nico Pinkowski received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, and he applies to his knowledge to chemistry so that agriculture can thrive and solve social problems.

What We Love About the Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture does a fantastic job of highlighting STEM innovations across the field of agriculture through interviews that boost experiential learning for students. While they are not necessarily meant for the classroom, they do a fantastic job of demonstrating STEM applications throughout the field.

Important Links

Link to Our Student Worksheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ROS1B1jnp4iCiPCGW0Cw6dpq0K1vIBR12Yc8r86F8Iw/edit?usp=sharing

Link to Our Teacher Answer Sheet (must request permission):


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